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Church Society exists to strengthen local churches in biblical faith and to help shape the Church of England now and for the future.

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The work of Church Society is promoted and sustained by its members through prayer, finance and in many other ways.

We seek to keep members of Church Society informed of current issues in the Church of England, and support and sustain them through our literature, conferences, speakers, and networks.

As a member you will receive the regular mailings which includes our quarterly magazine Crossway and a reduced subscription rate for our theological journal Churchman. There are discounted rates for members at some of our conferences, too.

You can choose whether to become a member or an associate. Members are those who are members of the Church of England or a Church in communion with the Church of England, have been confirmed in the Church of England, and agree to uphold the Doctrine set out in the Thirty-nine Articles. Members have the right to vote at the AGM. Associates are those who are sympathetic with the aims of the Society but do not fulfil the other criteria (for example, if you do not currently attend a CofE church). Associates receive all the benefits of full membership but are not eligible to vote at the AGM or stand for election to our Council.

To become a member please complete the membership form and sign the declaration of membership and send it to our office by post (or you can send a scan of the form by email). Your application will need to be approved by the Council and until this happens you will have associate membership status.

In accordance with UK company law, members have a limited liability of £1, the right to attend and vote at our General Meetings, and are eligible to stand for election to our Council. Members are sent a copy of our audited accounts (which are also posted on the website).

To find out more about membership and an application form please click here.