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Church Society exists to strengthen local churches in biblical faith and to help shape the Church of England now and for the future.

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About us

Building on the Foundations

Church Society is an evangelical Anglican charity established to promote and uphold the evangelical foundations of the Church of England. This doctrine is clearly expressed in the Church’s formularies: The 39 Articles of Religion, the Prayer Book, and the Ordinal. We seek to uphold these evangelical foundations principally through campaigning, publishing, and patronage:

Campaigning and Conferences

The Society seeks to uphold biblical teaching in the structures (committees and Synods) of the Church of England and holds to traditional biblical views on ministry, marriage, and sexuality. The Society holds an annual conference and AGM normally in early Summer, coordinates the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC), works with Reform and AMiE on the annual ReNew conference, and partners with the Fellowship of Word and Spirit (FWS) with their annual conference.


The Society publishes its journal of Anglican theology Churchman, members’ magazine Crossway, and other books, literature, and resources, including An English Prayer Book, its popular Anglican liturgy in modern English. We also provide an email newsletter sent to Church Society members and those interested in the work, if you would like to receive the newsletter please contact the office.


Through its patronage body Church Society Trust, the Society is involved in appointing and supporting evangelical clergy in approximately 125 parishes (click here to view list of parishes).

The Society also administers various funds and trusts, supporting and financing evangelical Anglican ministry, including a fund to assist Anglican Ordinands. To view our latest accounts click here.

The work of the Society is supported by its members who through prayer, finance and in other ways support and maintain the work. If you would like to enquire about becoming a member please see the membership section of the website.

Church Society’s objectives are set out in our Memorandum of Association as agreed in June 1950 and last amended in July 1966 (click here to view list of objectives). Church Society’s Articles of Association can be viewed here.