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Cover of The Sermons of George Whitefield

The Sermons of George Whitefield

George Whitefield was one of the greatest of all British preachers and his sermons convey a sense of the power, simplicity and vivid impact of his message which God used to such remarkable effect in the 18th century.

These two volumes are a brand new edition (not a facsimile) of volumes five and six of Whitefield’s Works, last published in 1771-72, plus some extra material. It has the added value of extensive footnotes giving historical and theological background.

The two volumes contain an introduction by Lee Gatiss, the Director of Church Society, and 61 sermons. The volumes can be bought separately.

Order your copy here (£17 per volume, or £33 for both volumes)


‘George Whitefield is surely the greatest of all British preachers. These transcriptions of some of Whitefield’s sermons inevitably conceal much of his genius, but they do convey a sense of the power, simplicity and vivid impact of his message which God used to such remarkable effect in the 18th century. This collection and Lee Gatiss’s excellent introduction will inspire today’s preachers and prompt us to follow the example of this great and godly man.’ 

Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St. Ebbe’s, Oxford and President of the Proclamation Trust

‘In a time of much confusion about what counts as true Anglican theology, the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Library is a great gift, both to remind, to resource and, perhaps too, to rebuke today’s Anglicans. It is an especial joy to commend this edition of Whitefield’s sermons, which provides such a readable and accessible text of Whitefield. May it spur us on in our time to proclaim Jesus Christ as passionately as Whitefield did, and with a similar biblical faithfulness.’ Dr Michael Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London

‘The publishers have done Anglican Evangelicals (and many others) a great service in bringing these wonderful sermons by George Whitefield back into easily accessible form. Lee Gatiss’s excellent and comprehensive Introduction gives a clear way in to grasping the salient features of Whitefield’s life and convictions, and of his relationship to classic Protestant Anglicanism. All those who want urgently to reconnect the contemporary Church of England with its evangelical heritage will be nourished and encouraged by this volume, and no doubt by subsequent volumes in this series.’ Christopher Ash, Director of the Cornhill Training Course, London

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