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Picture of W. H. Griffith Thomas, author of The Principles of Theology

The Principles of Theology

This well tried volume is a masterly compendium of basic Christian doctrine as outlined in the Thirty-nine Articles of the Church of England. With introduction by JI Packer, who says the book is, ‘the best and fullest presentation of Evangelical Truth that Anglicanism has yet produced.’

Amazon reviews

‘This is probably still the best Low Church (Protestant and Reformed) exposition of the Thirty Nine Articles. It first appeared around 1930 and JI Packer recommends it… In recent years a number of Reformed and Evangelical expositions have appeared, but it is unclear as of yet if any of them will surpass this work. Griffith Thomas’s approach to the Articles is both Reformed and analytical as he wrestles with the intended or implied meaning of each article.’ Quentin D. Stewart

‘It provides an excellent historical discussion of the development of the Articles which may, in fact, be the best part of the book. I also like the way that Griffith Thomas has divided the Articles up into sections that make their order easier to memorise.’ Fr. Charles Erlandson

Order your copy here (£3.99)

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