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The Anglican Homilies in Modern English

In Lent 2021, Lee Gatiss preached through the Anglican Book of Homilies in modernised English. Each post includes a video of the sermon being preached and a transcript of the text.

An Introduction to the Homilies
Homily 1
The Usefulness and Power of Scripture
The Most Important Science
Homily 2
Dust and Ashes
Our Sinful Inability
Homily 3
Justified by Faith Alone
The Ancient Doctrine of Justification
A Trusting and Obedient Heart
Homily 4
True Faith
Faith and Works
The Proof of Faith
Homily 5
Faith is Needed to Please God
The Works of True Faith
The Works of False Religion
Homily 6
True Love
The Difficult Aspects of Love
Homily 7
Making Oaths
False Oaths and Perjury
Homily 8
Falling Away From God
The Stern Frown of God
Homily 9
The Fear of Death
The Gains and Pains of Death
The Christian’s Reward
Homily 10
Godly Obedience
Rebellion Prohibited
A Prayer for Proper Authorities
Homily 11
A Flood of Sexual Immorality
Flee Sexual Immorality
The Punishment of Sexual Immorality
Homily 12
Religious Arguments
How to Take Insults

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