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Resourcing and encouraging the ministry of the local church is a large part of what we are all about. Please explore our resources here.

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Cartoon pictures of Luther, Tyndale and Cranmer

Reformation 500 Resources

Reformation 500 Resources

These Reformation 500 resources provide a comprehensive teaching package for children, young people and families, written by experienced children’s and youth workers, Robin Barfield and Nathan Phillingham, with additional material by Chris Joyce.

Most of the packages are organised into three sessions, focussed on three key reformers: Martin Luther, William Tyndale and Thomas Cranmer. The Light Party material has a different set up, so that it does not overlap with the rest.

Leader’s notes
Series overview, plus background information on Luther, Tyndale and Cranmer, with suggestions for further reading.

Church Introductions
Introduce the three Reformers: Luther, Tyndale and Cranmer, in a church service. Ideal for use together with the Sunday school material.

Sunday School 3-5s
Teaching material, crafts and games for younger children.

Sunday School 5-11s
Teaching material, crafts, activities and games for 5-11s.

Youth Group 11-16s
Teaching material and activities for teenagers.

School Assemblies
Outline assemblies suitable for 5-11s with suggestions of songs.

Light Party
Games, crafts and teaching suitable for a church or non-church family party.

We encourage you to download and copy the material for use in churches, schools and other settings. However, you are not free to publish or otherwise distribute this material, nor to remove the Church Society logo from it.

Please also see our Reformation magazine and Reformation song resources.

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