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Resourcing and encouraging the ministry of the local church is a large part of what we are all about. Please explore our resources here.

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Reform Archive

Articles and publications from Reform

Letter from David Banting to Reform members at St Peter’s, Harold Wood, regarding the merger with Church Society and FWS. By David Banting.

The Background to, and the Need for, Reform. By David Holloway.

Why have a Reform Covenant? By Mark Burkill.

Anglican Matters:

Issues of Human Sexuality: What Next? By Susie Leafe.

How do we know what is True? A Reflection on the process of discernment in the Church of England. By Susie Leafe.

Passing a Resolution under the House of Bishops’ Declaration. By Rod Thomas.

Lambeth 1:10 and the Church of England. By Susie Leafe.

Responding to the Pilling Report - A Briefing from Reform for PCCs. By Susie Leafe and Rod Thomas.

What is Meant by ‘Good Disagreement’? By Susie Leafe.

Better Bishops. By Mark Burkill.

The Babylonian Unity of the Church. By John Woodhouse.

An Oversight? What Bishops Think about Bishops and how Evangelicals Reply. By Chris Green.

The Reform of the Episcopate and Alternative Episcopal Oversight. By David Holloway.

Finance, centralism and the quota. By David Holloway.

Currents of Change: Trends in Anglican Evangelical Theology Today. By Melvin Tinker.

Reforming the Parish Church. By Mark Ashton.

Applying for a Post in the Church of England. By Hugh Balfour.

Optional Orthodoxy. By Mark Burkill.


The House of Bishops Declaration on Bishops and Priests:

General Synod July 2017: Five steps away from Biblical Christianity. By Susie Leafe.

The Church of England and Canon A5 / Article VI: An Exercise in Undoing the Reformation. By Susie Leafe.

Male and Female He Created Them. By Mark Burkill.


Women’s Ministry:

Complementarianism vs Egalitarian Patterns of Leadership. By Carrie Sandom.

The Role of Women in the Local Church. By Carrie Sandom.

Women’s Ministry in a Complementarian Setting. By Susie Leafe.

Why are there Objections to Women being Bishops in the Church of England? By Mark Burkill.


Marriage & Sexuality:

In Praise of Marriage. By David Banting.

Homosexual ‘Marriage’.

Marriage or Mirage? By Mark Burkill.

The House of Bishops’ Report on Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships (GS2055). By Susie Leafe.

Key Issues in Human Sexuality. By Simon Vibert.


Mission, Ministry, Doctrinal:

Mission and the Local Church. By Alan Purser.

Models of Parish Evangelism - Principles. By David Banting.

Recruitment, training and deployment of ministers in the Church of England. By David Holloway.

Collapsing Churches - A Sociological Analysis. By David Mills.

Thank God For Lay Pioneers. By Susie Leafe.

Models of Parish Evangelism - Practice. By David Banting.

Real Salty Discipleship. By Mark Burkill.

Being Clearly and Positively Evangelical. By Mark Thompson.

Costly Discipleship. By Susie Leafe.

The Authority of the Bible. By Mike Ovey.

Authority in the Church. By Mike Ovey.

Fractured Foundations: The urgent need to recover our doctrine of the Trinity. By Angus MacLeay.

Whey then the law? (Galatians 3:19) Christ as the Fulfilment of the Old Testament. By John Richardson.



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