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Resourcing and encouraging the ministry of the local church is a large part of what we are all about. Please explore our resources here.

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Paperback books

Paperback books published by Church Society.

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Be Faithful - Remaining steadfast in the Church of England today.
By Lee Gatiss, Mike Ovey, and Mark Pickles

Walk This Way. By Ash Carter, Lee Gatiss, and Ros Clarke

Reach, Build, Send: A Pattern for Anglican Ministry. By Lee Gatiss (Ed)

Foundations of Faith (Paperback). By Lee Gatiss (Ed)

Building for the Gospel. By Julia Cameron

Fight Valiantly! By Lee Gatiss

The Deliberate Pastor. By Dub Gannon & John Richardson

Feed My Sheep - The Anglican Ministry of Word and Sacrament.
By Lee Gatiss (Ed)

The Effective Anglican - Seizing the opportunities of ministry in the Church of England. By Lee Gatiss (Ed)

Confident & Equipped - Facing today’s challenges in the Church of England.
By Lee Gatiss (Ed)

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