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The Homilies - Book 1

Lent blogposts on the Homilies

Links to blog posts by Lee Gatiss on the first book of Homilies, which were published on the Church Society website during Lent 2016:

George Whitefield on the Homilies

Preface to the Homilies

Blog posts on Homily 1 - “on Holy Scripture”:

‘No stinking puddles!’

‘The best book to read is the Bible’

‘How to understand Scripture’

Blog posts on Homily 2 - on “the misery of mankind”:

‘Dust to dust’

‘Counterfeit Holiness’

‘Rotten Fruit’

‘Help is on its way’

Blog posts on Homily 3 - “Of the salvation of mankind”:

‘Alien righteousness’

‘Justice and mercy embrace’

‘The most precious jewels’

‘The ancient rock of Christian religion’

‘Devilish faith’

Blog posts on Homily 4 - “Of the true and lively faith”:

‘Hanging upon God’

‘The fantasy of secret faith’

‘The world on our side?’

Blog posts on Homily 5 - “Of good works”:

‘Crazy horses!’

‘Mouldy bread’

Blog post on Homily 6 - “Of Christian love and charity”:

‘Loving your enemies’

Blog post on Homily 7 - “Against swearing and perjury”:

‘Swearing oaths’

Blog posts on Homily 8 - “Of the declining from God”:

‘Falling away’

‘When the word is not heard’

‘When God’s patience runs out’

Blog posts on Homily 9 - “An exhortation against the fear of death”:

‘Fading treasures’

‘No fear in death’

Blog post on Homily 10 - “An exhortation to obedience”:

‘Obey the authorities’

Blog posts on Homily 11 - “Against whoredom and adultery”:

‘A flood of immorality’

‘My pleasures or pleasing God?’

Blog posts on Homily 12 - “Against strife and contention”:

‘Breeding quarrels’

‘On not being pigheaded’

‘Forgive as Christ forgave us’


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