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George Herbert

Lent blogposts on George Herbert

Links to blog posts by Lee Gatiss on George Herbert's classic work, The Country Parson, which were published on the Church Society website during Lent 2015:

Introductory blogs:

40 days with George Herbert

George Herbert on pastoral ministry

Chapter 1: ‘George Herbert on being a pastor’

Chapter 2: ‘George Herbert on different kinds of pastors’

Chapter 3: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s life’

Chapter 4: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s knowledge’

Chapter 5: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s reading’

Chapter 6: ‘George Herbert on leading services’

Chapter 7: ‘George Herbert on preaching’

Chapter 8: ‘George Herbert on making the most of Sundays’

Chapter 9: ‘George Herbert on married and unmarried ministers’

Chapter 10: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s home life’

Chapter 11: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s hospitality’

Chapter 12: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and poverty’

Chapter 13: ‘George Herbert on the church building’

Chapter 14: ‘George Herbert on ministerial visits’

Chapter 15: ‘George Herbert on the pastor comforting’

Chapter 16: ‘George Herbert on the pastor as father’

Chapter 17: ‘George Herbert on the travelling pastor’

Chapter 18: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s care in conversation’

Chapter 19: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s external relationships’

Chapter 20: ‘George Herbert on the pastor expressing God’s approval’

Chapter 21: ‘George Herbert on the pastor catechising’

Chapter 22: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and the sacraments’

Chapter 23: ‘George Herbert on the pastor as lawyer and doctor’

Chapter 24: ‘George Herbert on the pastor arguing’

Chapter 25: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s attitude in discipline and restoration’

Chapter 26: ‘George Herbert on covetousness and gluttony’

Chapter 27: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and humour’

Chapter 28: ‘George Herbert on the contempt of pastors’

Chapter 29: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and the Churchwardens’

Chapter 30: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and providence’

Chapter 31: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s freedom in non-essentials’

Chapter 32: ‘George Herbert on the pastor understanding the congregation’

Chapter 33: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s library’

Chapter 34: ‘George Herbert on the pastor’s skill in application’

Chapter 35: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and old customs’

Chapter 36: ‘George Herbert on the pastor blessing’

Chapter 37: ‘George Herbert on the pastor and gossip’

End prayers:

‘George Herbert’s prayer before preaching’

‘George Herbert’s prayer after preaching’



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