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Justification Now: The Reformation Doctrine & True Anglicanism

Talk by Revd Dr Mike Ovey at the Church Society Conference 2012.

Mike Ovey outlines the contemporary Anglican context. Many presenting problems of the Church of England revolve around issues to do with sexuality, ethics and gender. According to Mike, these ethical issues have come to the fore because of the Church’s failure to contend for the great Reformation doctrines at an earlier period. Once the CofE was a denomination familiar with Reformation thinking, but now there is a widespread basic ignorance of such thinking in Anglican pews and pulpits – even evangelical ones. This ignorance has been accelerated by two errors which have arisen from amongst the church. First, The New Perspective, and secondly, the perceived irrelevance of classical evangelical teaching (whether penal substitution or the doctrine of justification). Both have been embraced by many within the church who would affirm the supremacy of Scripture, but now believe the classic doctrine of justification to be unpalatable and un-teachable.

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