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Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference 2016

The Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC) was held in August/September 2016 with the title of 'Reach, Build, Send: A Pattern for Anglican Ministry'.

First Bible Reading: “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:16-20) by Bishop Rod Thomas

“Reach”: A Vision for evangelism through the local Anglican parish church by Revd Glen Scrivener

Strategy talk: “Strength, Succession, Suffering” by Revd Dr Lee Gatiss

Bible Reading: Acts 20 by Bishop Paul Williams

“Build”: A pattern for discipleship and biblical teaching in the local parish church by Revd Dr Mark Burkill

“Send”: How a local parish church can thrust labourers into the harvest field by Revd Paul Williams

How to build resilience for long-term ministry by Revd Dr Kirsty Birkett

Summary talk: “Reach, Build, Send” by Revd Dr Lee Gatiss

Workshop: Ministry in a sexual minefield by Revd Peter Ould

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