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Great Churchmen

Great Churchmen biographies.

Great Churchmen were a series of short biographies of leading Anglican evangelicals written at a popular level. The series was published in the 1940s by Church Book Room Press, the publishing arm of Church Society and its forbears for much of the 20th Century. We have provided links to these biographies (and other information and articles) for each Anglican evangelical at the below links to our archive site.

(Our records are incomplete so if anyone has the ones we don’t have we would be interested in borrowing them to scan). Please contact the office if you can help us).

1.  H. C. G. Moule. By Marcus L Loane

2.  Wilson Carlile. By A E Reffold

3.  Richard Hooker. By C Sydney Carter

4.  J. C. Ryle. By M Guthrie Clark

5.  John Newton. By A W Parsons

6.  William Temple. By R S Dean

7.  John Wesley. By W Leathem

8.  Charles Wesley. By Frank Colquhoun

9.  Henry Martyn. By A G Pouncy

10.  Thomas Cranmer. By F J Taylor

11.  Charles Simeon. By Max Warren

12.  Richard Baxter. By C Sydney Carter

13.  George Whitefield. By W. Dodgson Sykes

14.  Hugh Latimer. by F J Taylor

15.  John Taylor Smith. By E L Langston

16.  John Jewell. By G W Bromiley

17.  William Wilberforce. By Michael Hennell

18.  Lord Shaftesbury. By Gordon Hewitt

19.  Nicholas Ridley. By G W Bromiley

20.  Thomas Barnardo. By E J G Rogers

21.  William Tyndale. By C W J Bowles

22.  James Hannington. By F E Hansford

23.  John Keble. By W E Daniels

24.  F J Chavasse. By W E Gresford

25.  W H Griffith Thomas. By M. Guthrie Clark

For links to other 20th Century publications by Church Book Room Press see our archive site. Titles include:

Why I am a Churchman. By Canon William Odom

“A Sacrament of our Redemption” - An Enquiry into the Meaning of the Lord’s Supper in the New Testament and the Church of England. By W. H. Griffith Thomas

Thoughts on the Prayer Book. By J C Ryle

Five Fundamentals of the Faith. By J W Hayes

The Child’s Right to Baptism. By J Stafford Wright

A Short History of the Prayer Book. By Rev T.W.Gilbert

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