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Crossway Back Issues

Crossway back issues articles list from 2014 onwards.

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Spring 2021 / No.159

Where are the working classes? By Gary Jenkins

Class prejudice - education in the CofE. By Mark Wilson

Selection for ordination in the CofE. By Andy Greenhough

Reaching the masses. By Ros Clarke

Ministering in a working-class parish. By Andy and Amanda Brewerton

Dark dispensations. By Lee Gatiss


Winter 2021 / No.158

On sowing seed on stony ground. By Jason Ward

Living in Love and Faith, and how to do it. By Kirsten Birkett

Considering ministry in the Church of England. By Mark Burkill

Christ’s presence in the Supper. By Paul Darlington

True servants of the word of God - Part 2. By Lee Gatiss

The Bible and immigration. By Ros Clarke


Autumn 2020 / No.157

Racism: will we miss the opportunity? By Niv Lobo

Black lives indeed matter. By Oyin Oladipo

Densel and Marcia Davy: an interview. By Martin Davy

The gospel and race. By Ro Mody

The (united) kingdom of God is like… By Foluso Enwerem

Meeting racism with grace. By Aneal Appadoo


Summer 2020 / No.156

Gathered Together. By Ros Clarke

Keep calm and remember your baptism! By Eleanor Brindle

Proclaiming the Lord’s death. By Paul Darlington

Does anything happen at ordination? By Tom Woolford

True servants of the servants of God - Part 1. By Lee Gatiss


Spring 2020 / No.155

EFAC: The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion. By Peter Walker

Sharing the Gospel in Valencia. By Nicky Milson

Training for Gospel ministry in Singapore. By Rohintan Mody

Theological education in East Africa. By Jem Hovil and Benjamin Kibara

Anglican resources for Chile. By Pablo Sánchez Márquez

Living with Coronavirus in Hong Kong. By Catherine Durant


Winter 2020 / No.154

The uniqueness of Christ. By Lee Gatiss

‘Is Christ divided?’ By Fiona Gibson

Top tips…for evangelical unity. By Mark Wallace

Renewing education. By Steve Wilcox

Reading and teaching the book of Ruth. By Daniel Eng

Creating healthy Christian cultures. By Justin Humphreys


Autumn 2019 / No.153

Sex and the word of God. By Keith Sinclair

Sex and the people of God. By Iain Baker

Sex and the heavenly city. By Ros Clarke

Contending in the perpetual battle. By Lee Gatiss


Summer 2019 / No.152

Contending together in Oxford Diocese. By Piers Bickersteth

There’s an App for That! By Andy Geers

Struggling against sin. By Rachel Browning

Merciful contending. By Sam Allberry

Difficult dissenting. By Keith Sinclair

Unavoidable avoidance in the city. By William Taylor

Contending with opposition on synod. By Jane Patterson

When contending costs. By Matt Kennedy

Train up a child. By Sarah Bradley

Not holding out for a hero in Norwich. By Martin Young


Spring 2019 / No.151

Growing Gospel Partners. By George Crowder

A Taste of Mission. By Amanda Brewerton

Who’s Going to Stand for the PCC? By David Peet

‘Ours is a True Church of God’. By Donald John MacLean

Book review by Jason Ward: Glorify God in your Body (Martin Davie).

Book review by Simon Tomkins: Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage (Jim Newheiser).

Does it Matter which Lawyers you use? By Caroline Eade


Winter 2019 / No.150

Contending Together for the Faith. By Lee Gatiss

The Partnership of Prayer. By Rob Munro

Committed to Politics. By Andrew Towner

Serving Together in Southwark. By Robin Weekes

Partnership Principles and Practicalities. By Mark Burkill

Patronage: Value and Challenges. By Dick Farr

Resources for Strengthening and Shaping. By Ros Clarke


Autumn 2018 / No.149

Flourishing in the Church of England. By Rod Thomas

Flourishing steadily. By Lee Gatiss

Innocent children, ugly Scriptures? By Robin Barfield

Back to school! By Jo Boddam-Whetham

From the lips of children… By Ros Clarke

Why be a school governor? By Tim Edwards


Summer 2018 / No.148

Gospel hope for mental ill-health. By Emma Scrivener

Embodied faith. By Ros Clarke

Friendship and the church. By Phill Sacre

It got a laugh, didn’t it? By James Cary

Rest for the soul. By Brooke Newman

Mental ill-health and ministry. By Mark Meynell


Spring 2018 / No.147

Reforming Women’s Ministry - Part 2. By Ros Clarke

‘Wait not for the Bishops!’ The Wisdom of J.C. Ryle. By Andrew Atherstone

Rebuking a Pastor.

Building Rain Shelters for the Gospel? Review of Julia Cameron’s Building for the Gospel. By Andrew Dawswell

Advice to a New Committee Member: PLEAD. By John Truscott

Music in Small Churches. By Chris Edwards


Winter 2018 / No.146

William Tyndale: To Edify the Laity. By Lee Gatiss

Translating for ‘Every Nation, Race and Tongue.’ By Tim Thornborough

Reforming Women’s Ministry - Part 1. By Ros Clarke

Praying with the Reformers. Andrew Cinnamond reviews some Reformation themed resources.

Daily Refreshment. By Sophie Bannister

Preparing to Read the Lesson. By John Truscott

The Joys and Challenges of a Small Sunday School. By Amanda Robbie


Autumn 2017 / No.145

Thomas Cranmer and the Fear of Death. By Sam Brewster

This Day the Noise of Battle. By Mark Pickles

Faith in a Time of Crisis. Book Review by Lee Gatiss

Church History for Children? By Robin Barfield

Reformation Song. By Tom Brewster

Reforming and Renewing the Church. Report from the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC). By Michael Hayden

Keeping Keen. By Ros Clarke


Spring 2017 / No.144

Calvin’s ‘Highest Happiness’. By Kirsty Birkett

The Church of England (1967-2017) - Overview. By Lee Gatiss

Stick By the Ship! By Rod Thomas

Comfortable Words in the Anglican Liturgy. By Aled Seago

Director’s Report. By Lee Gatiss

Serving the Truth in Scandal. By Lee Gatiss


Winter 2017 / No.143

Reformation 500. By Clare Heath-Whyte

The Church of England Briefing. By Lee Gatiss

The Future of Church. By Tim Thornborough

Where Next on Same-Sex Marriage? By Lee Gatiss


Autumn 2016 / No.142

Reach, Build, Send! Report from the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC). By Ian Somasundram

Building Resilience. By Kirsty Birkett

Sending Out. By Paul Williams

The Next Big Move of God. By Glen Scrivener

Affirming Prayers? By Martin Davie

Passing a Resolution on Women Bishops. By Rod Thomas


Summer 2016 / No.141

Be Faithful! Church Society Conference Report. By Chris Kilgour

A Time to Mourn? How We Should Mourn the Death of Celebrities. By Ros Clarke

Repenting of ‘Masculinity’. By Tom Woolford

Charismatic - and Anglican? By Adam Young

Ten Reasons to Love Ryle. By Lee Gatiss

Why Confirmation? By Julie Woolford

Wholly Spiritual? By John Telford


Spring 2016 / No.140

Beyond the Parish. By James Hughes

Women at Work. By Rachel Browning

From Dreaming Spires to Reality. By Duncan Beet

Corporate Sin. By Tom Woolford

Can We Agree to Disagree? By Martin Davie

John Owen - The Prince of the Puritans. By Lee Gatiss

Being Churched. By Phillippa Smith


Winter 2016 / No.139

Feed My Sheep! By Julian Henderson

A Grumpy Old Woman! By Alison Blake

Is God a She? By Lee Gatiss

The New General Synod. By Andrew Presland

Undermining the Reformation. By Lee Gatiss

Three Ways to Change the Church. By Lee Gatiss

The Call and Commitment of Elisha. By John Cheeseman

Imagine More Religion. By Rebecca McLaughlin

Class in the Pulpit. By Tim Ward


Autumn 2015 / No.138

Protecting the Flock. By Lee Gatiss

Women Need Theology! By Natalie Brand

Andrea Ruddick Interview with Carrie Sandom on Women’s Ministry.

An Interview with Rod Thomas.

Feed My Sheep! Report from the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC). By Mike Print

Article XI - A Comfortable Doctrine. By Robert Evans

Anglican Gold - Review of the Anglican Logos Bible Software. By John Percival


Summer 2015 / No.137

Transforming a Church. By Lee Gatiss

Pastoral Ministry… Online? By Ros Clarke

The Worth of the Word - Thomas Cranmer’s Legacy of Word Ministry. By Mark Earngey

The Benefits of a Long-Term Ministry. By Stephen Bowen

Ten Easy Steps to Being a Great Curate. By John Percival

Dean Wace and the House. By Ed Loane

Charles Pettit McIlvaine - America’s JC Ryle. By Tom Isham

Transforming the Church. Church Society Conference Report.

Preaching the Negatives. By Stephen Watkinson

Transgenderism: Confusion and Compassion. By Peter Ould


Spring 2015 / No.136

What are British Values? By Nigel Atkinson

Ministry Among Muslims in the UK. By Stephen Watkinson

Principles of Flourishing? - The ‘Five Guiding Principles’. By Lee Gatiss

General Synod - Our Responsibility. By Alison Wynne

Church Management Tools. By John Percival

A Hymn and a Prayer on Psalm 45. By Matt Searles

‘The English Church Shall Be Free!’ By Andrea Ruddick

Lessons for the Twittersphere. By Gavin Peacock

Redeeming Grey. By Katharine Swartz


Winter 2015 / No. 135

Do Not Be Afraid! By Lee Gatiss

The Way Ahead After Women Bishops. By Paul Darlington

Ordination Training and the Church of England. By Simon Vibert

An Evangelical Renewal in England? ReNew Conference Report. By Mark Earngey

George Whitefield - the Anglican Evangelist. By Lee Gatiss

A Hymn by George Whitefield, and a Prayer by Mark Smith

The Jesus of Your Imagination. By John Cheeseman

An Inspiring Tudor Mystery. Review of CJ Sansom’s Lamentation. By Katharine Swartz

Positively Evangelical. By Kirsty Birkett


Autumn 2014 / No.134

Effective Anglicans. Report from the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC). By Tom Woolford

Evangelicals in Two Minds. By Lee Gatiss

Penal-substitutionary Atonement. By the late John Richardson

Objections to Predestination. By John Cheeseman

Overflowing with Ministry Opportunities. By Jane Tooher

Songs for Saplings Music. Review by Katharine Swartz

A Hymn and a Prayer. By Lee Gatiss & Mark Smith

Exploring our Reformed Foundations. By Lee Gatiss

Director’s Diary. By Lee Gatiss


Summer 2014 / No.133

Positively Anglican! Church Society Conference Report. By Andrea Ruddick

From New South Wales to Essex. Dick Farr interviews Dub Gannon

The Blessing of Blogging. By Mark Smith

The Evil Mingled with the Good. Simon Scott

JC Ryle’s new book. By Lee Gatiss

Christians Don’t Need Counselling, Do They? Sally Orwin Lee

Rededicating the Church to the Gospel. Lee Gatiss

New Faces on Church Society Council.

What Does ‘Flourishing’ Actually Mean? Lee Gatiss


Spring 2014 / No.132

A Credibility Crisis. By Lee Gatiss

Our Messy Lives. By Amanda Robbie

Leadership Lessons from Moses. By John Cheeseman

Speak (not) of the Devil. By Rachel Marszalek

Rebranding Church Society. By David Kratt

The Idol Behind Same-Sex Desires. By Sam Allberry

Twinning Churches Financially for the Sake of the Gospel. By James Paice

Serving with ‘The Few’. By Jane Patterson

A Spanish Sabbatical. By Carl Chambers


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