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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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The Autumn 2020 edition of The Global Anglican

Posted 31 Aug 2020

The Autumn 2020 edition of The Global Anglican is now published (Vol 134/3). This edition's contents include the following articles.

Welcome to The Global Anglican
Andrew Atherstone

Why I Am Still an Anglican
Peter Jensen

Pastoral Theology
Learning God: A Plea for Principled Theological Education
Mark D. Thompson

Equipping Today’s Bishops for Effective Ministry and Mission
Samson M. Mwaluda

The Role of Missionary Bishops in the Growth of the Church of Nigeria
Foreman Nedison

Biblical Studies
Lingering Shame: An Exploration of Shame, Atonement and the Gospel
Rosalind Clarke

Inter-Church Relationships in Paul’s Epistles
James T. Hughes

Review Article
Walking Together on the Way (ARCIC III)
Chase R. Kuhn

Book Reviews

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