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Crossway is our quarterly magazine, with news and comment on issues of Anglican evangelicalism. Selected articles are posted here.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 29 Jun 2020

The Summer 2020 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

Gathered Together. Ros Clarke asks ‘What actually is church?’, reminding us that, ordained or not, all Christians are the ‘lay people’ who together form the church.

Keep calm and remember your baptism! Eleanor Brindle sets out the importance of teaching the children and young people in our churches about the reminders of God’s grace we find in the sacraments.

How Shall They Hear? Tim Ward reviews Ryan McGraw’s book on preaching.

Proclaiming the Lord’s Death. Paul Darlington examines the value and usefulness of the Lord’s Supper in evangelical churches today.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 31 Mar 2020

The Spring 2020 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

EFAC: The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion. Peter Walker sets out the history and current vision of EFAC.

Sharing the Gospel in Valencia. Nicky Milson writes as part of a missionary family in Valencia, Spain.

Training for Gospel Ministry in Singapore. Rohintan Mody shares his experience of training people for gospel ministry in Asia.

Theological Education in East Africa. Jem Hovil and Benjamin Kibara report on theological education initiatives within the Anglican provinces in East Africa.

Anglican Resources for Chile. Pablo Sánchez Márquez reports on translating and publishing reformed theology books in Chile.

Living with Coronavirus in Hong Kong. Catherine Durant reports on the realities of disruption and division caused by the coronavirus in Hong Kong.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 19 Dec 2019

The Winter 2020 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

The uniqueness of Christ. Lee Gatiss looks at teaching from the Bible and the Anglican formularies about Christ our only Saviour.

‘Is Christ divided?’ Fiona Gibson shares some thoughts on uniting the evangelical tribes from 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.

Top tips…for evangelical unity. Mark Wallace sets out a dozen tips to help us strive for unity among evangelicals.

Renewing education. Steve Wilcox explains the need for Christians to actively seek the renewing of education - for the sake of evangelism.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 25 Sep 2019

The Autumn 2019 edition of Crossway is now out!

Articles in this issue include:

Sex and the word of God. Keith Sinclair considers the sweep of the word of God, as it talks about sex and marriage and love.

Sex and the people of God. Iain Baker sets out a biblical model for speaking the truth about sex in a loving way.

Sex and the heavenly city. Ros Clarke looks at the ‘bigger, better love story’ about sex that Christians should be telling, in our churches and in the world.

Contending in the perpetual battle. Lee Gatiss looks at what Jude says about the constant need to contend for the faith.

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