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Church Society brings together clergy, lay people, and those in training at several conferences each year.

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Church Society is involved in hosting four annual conferences: the Church Society Conference, the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference, the Fellowship Conference, and the ReNew conference.

forthcoming conferences

Anglican Essentials: JAEC 2020
Instead of our usual residential conference, this year we are excited to offer a ‘Virtual Summer of JAEC’.

How can we be faithfully Anglican as we contend for the gospel in the church today?

We’ll need to understand what the church is, how it is governed and structured, how we worship together, and how we pray. At this year’s conference we will be doing that by exploring the essentials of Anglican ecclesiology, Anglican liturgy, and Anglican spirituality.  Each main session will have a follow up, either in a guided discussion time or in the optional seminars, helping us to ground the principles in good practice and to apply them to contemporary debates. Other seminars will help us see our place within the global church, and focus on specific stages of ministry and life.

We’re delighted to have James Hughes (Vicar of St Alkmund’s Duffield), Mark Smith (Dean of Clare College, Cambridge) and Mark Pickles (Director of the Northwest Partnership) leading our three main sessions on Faithful Ecclesiology, Rich Liturgy, and Deep Spirituality respectively. Bishop Graham Tomlin will be giving the conference Bible Reading from Daniel 6 and 9.

While we are disappointed not to be able to enjoy the fellowship of time together, we hope that our plans for a ‘Virtual Summer of JAEC’ will enable many more people to benefit from this year’s programme, and we pray that it will serve to foster wider and deeper relationships among evangelical Anglicans at these early stages of ministry.

Full details of the programme and how to register can be found here.

Annual Conferences

Fellowship Conference
For many years the ‘Fellowship of Word and Spirit Conference’, this conference continues to be an important part of our annual calendar. The conference offers theologically rigorous Reformed teaching, with ample opportunity built into the programme for application, reflection and prayer. We welcome all clergy and lay people to this conference, usually held over three days in January or February.

Dates for future conferences:
2021: 1st-3rd Feb, King’s Park, Northampton
2022: 31st Jan-2nd Feb, Cloverley Hall, Shropshire
2023: 30th Jan-1st Feb, tbc
2024: 5th-7th Feb, King’s Park, Northampton

Resources from previous conferences:
2020: Preaching to the Heart
2019: Live the Word: refreshment from the Reformed doctrine of Scripture
2018: Crying in the Wilderness: Post-Christendom Mission

Church Society Conference
This annual day conference addresses key issues for the contemporary Church of England from biblical, historical and pastoral perspectives. The Church Society Conference is usually held in May, and the Church Society AGM takes place during the conference.

Resources from previous conferences:

2019: Redeeming Love and Faith
2018: ‘Flourish: a strategy for gospel growth in the Church of England
2017: Knowing God and Making Him Known
2016: Be Faithful! Remaining steadfast in the Church of England Today
2015: Transforming the Church
2014: ‘Positively Anglican!’.

2020 Regional Conferences
In 2020, as part of our commitment to supporting churches around the country, Church Society planned to host a series of four regional conferences, replacing our usual annual day conference. Unfortunately we were only able to hold one of these events before the coronavirus lockdown. You can listen to Lee Gatiss’s talk from this conference and download the conference booklet here.

Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference
Established by John Richardson in 2011, Church Society has hosted this conference since 2014. It is specifically for those who are ‘junior’, that is anyone considering ministry in the Church of England, lay or ordained, through training, curacy and the first few years of incumbency or the equivalent. The conference aims to help anyone in that category be more effective as an Anglican Evangelical, making the most of every opportunity to reach the lost for Jesus, build up the church through his word, and send workers into God’s harvest field. JAEC is usually held in the last week of August.

Resources from previous conferences:
2019: The Future Starts Now
2018: The Gospel in the Parish
2017: Reforming and Renewing the Church
2016: Reach, Build, Send
2015: Feed My Sheep
2014: The Effective Anglican
2013: Confident and Equipped

The ReNew conference seeks to advance Anglican Evangelicalism across the UK with an agenda of pioneering, establishing and securing healthy Anglican churches. ReNew seeks to support both Church Society and AMiE in their work, and we are glad to be partners with this annual conference, usually held in September. Resources from the ReNew conference can be found on the ReNew website.