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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 116 (2002)

Posted 30 Oct 2014

Articles in the Churchman, 2002

Vol 116/1

Gerald Bray
Gerald Bray
Bishops, Presbyters and Women
Michael Ovey
The Economy of Salvation and Ecclesiastical Tyranny: Issues relating to female episcopacy
David Banting
A submission to the Rochester Commission on behalf of the Council of Reform
Book Reviews

Vol 116/2

Gerald Bray
David J Hawkin
Revelation and Truthin Johannine Theology
William J U Philip
The Light of Glory – an Exposition of the Prologue of John’s Gospel
Michael A G Haykin
Beauty as a Divine Attribute: Sources and issues
Melvin Tinker
Refining the Reformers: a Theological Response to the Anglican Understanding of Church
Edward J Malcolm
Of Faithful Men
Roger Beckwith
‘Evangelicalism Divided’ – A Review
Book Reviews

Vol 116/3

Gerald Bray
Gerald Bray
The 1552 Reform of English Church Discipline
Gillis J Harp
Recovering Confessional Anglicanism
Ashley Null
Conversion to Communion: Thomas Cranmer on a Favourite Puritan Theme
Roger Beckwith
For the More Explanation’ and ‘For the More Perfection’: Cranmer’s Second Prayer Book
Book Reviews

Vol 116/4

Gerald Bray
David Wheaton
1552 And All That (or how twentieth century revisions have eroded the insights of the Reformers in the Communion Services of the Church of England
John Richardson
No King But Caesar? The Headship of the Church in Anglican Theology
Carl Chambers
The Doctrines of Clark Pinnock: an Outline and Hermeneutical Assessment
Simon Vibert
The telos or ‘Chief End’ of Marriage
Book Reviews


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