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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 133 (2019)

Articles in the Churchman, 2019

Articles up to and including issue 129 (2015) are available to view.

Vol 133/1

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

The Descent of Christ into Hell. By Mark D. Thompson

“Able to Convince only the Foolish”: Anti-Christian Polemic as Social Scrutiny in Celsus’s On the True Doctrine. By Coleman M. Ford

Toplady the Pastoral Preacher: Augustus Toplady’s Unpublished Sermon Manuscripts. By Andrew Kloes

Review Article: Reading Paul with the Reformers. By Rohintan Mody

Vol 133/2

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

Was England’s “Stricken Deer” an Evangelical? Evaluating William Cowper in the Light of the Bebbington Quadrilateral. By Jonathan Wu

The Legacy of Thomas Cranmer: Principles of Foundational Anglican Theological Heritage. By Maurice Elliott

Justice, Hope and the Oppressed: Doctrinal Revisions and Subtractions in Nonviolent Atonement Theology and the Hermeneutic of the Other. By Andrew P. Campbell

Hans-Georg Gadamer and a Hermeneutics of Discipleship. By Andrew Hollingsworth

Vol 133/3

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

Baptismal Ecclesiology and the Ordination Rites of the Church of England in the 2005 Common Worship Ordinal. By Alexander J. D. Irving

Spot the Apostate: Hebrews and Understanding Apostasy Today. By Rohintan Mody

A Theology of Preaching: George Whitefield’s Call to Preach and the Eternal Consequences of Hearing Sermons. By Frankie Melton, Jr.

Newman’s Lectures on the Doctrine of Justification: A Reassessment of Four Controversies. By Edward Loane

Vol 133/4

Editorial. By Peter Jensen

“Refreshings of God’s Spirit in My Soul”: George Whitefield and the Role of the Holy Spirit in Preaching. By Frankie Melton, Jr

A Snapshot of Evangelical Mission Agencies in the UK 2019. By Edwin D. Arthur

Spiritual Formation: The Rise of a Tradition. By Kirsten Birkett

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