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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 113 (1999)

Articles in the Churchman, 1999

Vol 113/1

Gerald Bray
Wallace Benn
Reflections on the Lambeth Conference ‘98
Terence Kelshaw
Reflections on the Lambeth Conference ‘98
Mark Burkill
Lambeth 1998 - The Death of Anglicanism?
Peter Toon
The 450th Anniversary of ‘The Prayer Book’
Keith Warrington
A Window on Wimber and Healing
Arthur Pollard
Amos and Hosea: Two Perspectives on the Last Days of Israel
Book Reviews

Vol 113/2

Gerald Bray
Thomas Harvey
Baptism as a Means of Grace: A Response to John Stott’s ‘The Evangelical Doctrine of Baptism’
Alan Munden
Umbrellas, Great-Coats and Polished Shoes, and the Spirituality of Charles Simeon
Stephen Sizer
An Alternative Theology of the Holy Land: A Critique of Christian Zionism
David Streater
Justification by Faith Yesterday and Today
Book Reviews

Vol 113/3

Gerald Bray
Gerald Bray
Review of The Gift of Authority - Authority in the Church III Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission (ARCIC) (London: Ctholic Truth Society 1999)
David Streater
The Significance of John Calvin Today
Eric Russell
Bishop J C Ryle
Paul Blackham
Reformed Epistemology
Melvin Tinker
Reversal or Betrayal? Evangelicals and Socio-political Involvement in the Twentieth Century
Book Reviews

Vol 113/4

Gerald Bray
Donald Allister
Admitting Children to Holy Communion
John Woodhouse
Lay Administration of the Lord’s Supper: A Change to Stay the Same
Robert Doyle
Lay Administration and the Sixteenth Century
John Cheeseman
The Priority of Preaching
David Streater
All One Body We: A Personal Opinion of Establishment, Voluntarism, Connectionalism and Independency
Book Reviews

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