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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 112 (1998)

Articles in the Churchman, 1998

Vol 112/1

Gerald Bray
John Goldingay
The Ongoing Story of Biblical Interpretation
Bill Dumbrell
Justification and the New Covenant
Melvin Tinker
So Send I You: A Study Guide to Mission by Roger Bowen: A Response To Chris Wright’s Response
Adrian Vincent
Vocations and Changes to the Priesthood
John R W Stott
The Evangelical Doctrine of Baptism
David Streater
An English Prayer Book for Today? The Debham Lectures 1995
Book Reviews

Vol 112/2

Gerald Bray
David K Phillips
Trends in Common Worship
Roger T Beckwith
The Revised Common Lectionary
John P Richardson
To Our Own People Only: Re-owning Original Anglicanism
Melvin Tinker
Language, Symbols and Sacraments: Was Calvin’s View of the Lord’s Supper Right?
Barry Shucksmith
The Pastor’s Self-Care
Alan G Palmer
Clergy Stress, Causes and Suggested Coping Strategies
Book Reviews

Vol 112/3

Gerald Bray
David G Peterson
The ‘Locus’ of the Church - Heaven or Earth?
Simon Walker
Grounding Biblical Metaphor in Reality: The philosophical basis of realist metaphorical language
Michael B Roberts
Geology and Genesis Unearthed
Ted Pratt
Cohabitation and the Church: A Short Response to Keith Warrington
John F D Pearce
Bishops and Baxter
Book Reviews

Vol 112/4

Gerald Bray
William D Scholes
A is for Alpha, ‘B’ is for Berean
Dennis Peterson
Rite-ly Dividing the Word!...
Eric R Griffin
Practical Catholicism: John Wesley’s Theology of Bishops Reconsidered
Mark De Vine
Friendship and the Cradle of Liberalism: Revisiting the Moravian Roots of Schleiermacher’s Theology
Douglas C Spanner
‘Ye Meant to do me Evil; but God Meant it for Good’
Book Reviews

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