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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 109 (1995)

Articles in the Churchman, 1995

Vol 109/1

Gerald Bray
R T France
Letter to the Editor
A T de B Wilmot
Equipping to Minister
Roger T Beckwith
The Three Cycles of the Christian Year
Jo Gardner and Rachel Tingle
Ticket to Toronto ... and beyond the Strawberry Fields?
Melvin Tinker
The Suffering of Man and the Sovereignty of God
Maurice Elliott
Cranmer, a Man under Authority
Maurice Elliott
Cranmer’s Attitude to the Bible: ‘Lucerna pedibus meis verbum tuum’
Book Reviews

Vol 109/2

Gerald Bray
Gerald Bray
Justification: The Reformers and Recent New Testament Scholarship
Paul O’Gorman
New Blessing or Old Heresy?
Maurice Elliott
Cranmer’s Attitude to the Papacy: ‘And as for the Pope, I refuse him as Christ’s enemy’
Mark De Vine
Two Treatises on Penance: an Inquiry into Tertullian’s Exegesis and Montanism
Paul Negrut
Orthodox Soteriology:? Theosis
Irina Levinskaya
The Autocracy of the Spirit
Book Reviews

Vol 109/3

Gerald Bray
John P Richardson
Is Worship Biblical?
Tim Ward
Sin ‘Not Unto Death’ and Sin ‘Unto Death’ in 1 John 5:16
Maurice Elliott
Cranmer’s Attitude to the Monarchy: Royal Absolutism and the Godly Prince
Jill F Durey
Ecclesiastical Patronage in Trollope’s Novels and Victoria’s England
Book Reviews

Vol 109/4

Gerald Bray
Hugh Craig
The Turnbull Report: An Analysis
Arthur Pollard
Anselm’s Doctrine of the Atonement: An Exegesis and Critique of Cur Deus Homo
Maurice Elliott
Cranmer’s Attitude to the Episcopate: Bishops, Priests and Deacons
Maurice Elliott
The Giant and the Dwarfs
Ian Chapman
Charles Simeon of Cambridge
Michael Testa
John Henry Newman on the Human Person and the Gift of Faith
Book Reviews

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