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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 104 (1990)

Articles in the Churchman, 1990

Vol 104/1

Gerald Bray
Roger Beckwith
Thomas Cranmer After Five Hundred Years
Graham Cole
Sola Scriptura: Some Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Paul Ballard
The Pauline Names for God
Michael Dewar
The Synod of Dort, the Westminster Assembly and the French Reformed Church 1618-1643
Tony Baker
Men, Women and the Presbyterate: Does Scripture Speak Clearly?
David Dethridge
The Godly Prince and the National Church
Book Reviews

Vol 104/2

Gerald Bray
Derek Scales
Thomas Cranmer’s ‘True and Catholick Doctrine of the Sacrament’
Melvin Tinker
Conflicts in Science and Faith: Ministers Beware!
David Ousley
Unity and Authority
Elaine Jones
The Origins of Ascension Terminology
Book Reviews
Book Reviews - In Brief

Vol 104/3

Gerald Bray
David Samuel
Roots and Reformations
Gerald Bray
Christianity in Soviet Russia (Part One)
Rachel Tingle
The Church of England and Politics
Allen Guelzo
The Reformed Episcopalians: Restoring Some Old Paths
Book Reviews

Vol 104/4

Gerald Bray
Gerald Bray
Christianity in Soviet Russia (Part Two)
Gordon Wenham
Original Sin in Genesis 1-11
Michael Dewar
Whither The Reformation?
Lesslie Newbigin
Episcopacy and Authority
Rod Garner
The Thought of St. Augustine
Roger Beckwith
In Memoriam: Dr Philip Edgcumbe Hughes
Book Reviews

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