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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 100 (1986)

Articles in the Churchman, 1986

Vol 100/1

Roger Beckwith
Editorial - The hundredth volume of the Churchman
David Carson
Pauline Inconsistency : Reflections on 1 Corinthians 9.19-23 and Galatians 2.11-14
David Samuel
Making Room in History for the Miraculous (part 1)
Book Reviews

Vol 100/2

Gerald Bray
David Samuel
Making Room in History for the Miraculous (part 2)
Kenneth Yeaton
Aspects of Calvin’s Eschatology (part 1)
Colin Chapman
The B M U Report: ‘Towards a Theology for Inter-Faith Dialogue’: A Personal Response
David Smethurst
Extended Communion: One Parish’s Experience
Rudolph Heinze
Martin Luther - A ‘Pathfinder’?
Book Reviews

Vol 100/3

Gerald Bray
Kenneth Yeaton
Aspects of Calvin’s Eschatology (part 2)
Richard Thomas
Reflections on the Resurrection Frame: With What Body Do They Come?
John Yates
The Judgment of the Heathen: The Interpretation of Article XVIII and Romans 2:12-16
Basil Singh
The Phenomenological Approach to Religious Education for a Multi-faith Society
Book Reviews

Vol 100/4

Gerald Bray
Nigel Scotland
Darwin and Doubt and the Response of the Victorian Churches
Gerald Bray
What will happen to God? (part 1)
Alan Clifford
Geneva Revisited or Calvinism Revised?
Roger Beckwith
Extended Communion
William Bridcut
Our Lord’s Relationship with his Mother
Book Reviews

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