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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 093 (1979)

Articles in the Churchman, 1979

Vol 93/1

G J C Marchant
Editorial: Robin Ernest Nixon
G J C Marchant
Through Fire and Water - to a Place of Liberty
Michael Hennell
The Churchman in the context of Victorian Evangelicalism
Peter Toon
Evangelicals and Tractarians: then and now
Wilbert R Shenk
T’owd Trumpet’: Venn of Huddersfield and Yelling
Book Reviews

Vol 93/2

G J C Marchant
Churchman’s New Editor
Peter Williams
Lesslie Newbigin
Theological Education in a World Perspective
Ian D Bunting
Practical Theology and Pastoral Training
Gerald Bray
Filoque and Anglican—Orthodox Dialogue (see also 93:135-136)
Roger Beckwith
In Reply (comments on the article by Gerald Bray)
Richard C Laughlin
The Church: some insights into its essence and form
Book Reviews

Vol 93/3

Peter Williams
Timothy Dudley-Smith
Yesterday and Tomorrow: Evangelical pointers from the past
Bruce N Kaye
Church and Politics: some guidelines from the New Testament
John Gladwin
The Reith Lectures: some confusions and dilemmas
Brian Griffiths
A Kingdom not of this World
Rudolph W Heinze
Charles Simeon - through the eyes of an American Lutheran
Book Reviews

Vol 93/4

Peter Williams
David Samuel
The Protestant Succession to the Throne and its importance to the Church of England
David D Sceats
Quid Imperatori cum Ecclesia?: the contemporary church and the royal supremacy
Ian D Bunting
Field Training and the Theological Goal of Supervision
Robin A Leaver
Olney Hymns 1779 (and 1980, vol 94:58-66)
Book Reviews

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