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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 087 (1973)

Articles in the Churchman, 1973

Vol 87/1

R E Nixon
Colin Brown
Anglican-Roman Prospects
Roger T Beckwith
The Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine
T H L Parker
The Reformation and the Church Today
Stuart Barton Babbage
C S Lewis and the Humanitarian Theory of Punishment
Book Reviews

Vol 87/2

R E Nixon
Anthony C Thiselton
The Use of Philosophical Categories in New Testament Hermeneutics
Roger T Beckwith
The Series 3 Funeral Services
C J L Napier
The A.C.C.M. Report and the Future of the Ministry (see also 1974, vol 88:301f)
Ruth Etchells
The Difficult Resolution
Douglas C Spanner
Chance and Necessity
J P Hickinbotham
The Reason Why
Maurice W Sinclair
Anglicanism, Mission and Unity in Latin America: A Personal Viewpoint
Book Reviews

Vol 87/3

R E Nixon
B W Powers
Patterns of New Testament Ministry: 1. Elders
John Tiller
Towards a Better Lectionary: the effective liturgical use of the Gospels
Michael R Ward
Once Married Always Married? - A Biblical Review and Synthesis
John W Rogerson
Biblical Studies and Theology: Present Possibilities and Future Hopes
H E W Turner
Not the Faith of the Incarnation
Stephen Neill
End of a Notable Chapter
Book Reviews

Vol 87/4

Robin E Nixon
James I Packer
Towards a Confession for Tomorrow’s Church (see also 1974, vol 88:200-204)
Stephen Neill
Salvation Today?
Roger Bowen
The New Testament, the Theological College, and the Church
B L Smith
Tongues in the New Testament
G J C Marchant
Evangelicals and the Ordination of Women
Book Reviews
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