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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 084 (1970)

Articles in the Churchman, 1970

Vol 84/1

Gervase E Duffield
Robin McGlashan
Diakonia and the Diaconate (Part I)
Roger T Beckwith
Pastoral Reorganisation since the Industrial Revolution
K M L Benson
Religion in Our Schools
Book Reviews

Vol 84/2

Gervase E Duffield
Hugh R M Craig
Evangelical Structures for the Seventies
Roger T Beckwith
A New Calendar and Lectionary
D F Payne
The New English Bible Old Testament
H L Ellison
Recent Work on the Old Testament Prophets
R McGlashan
Diakonia and the Diaconate (Part II)
Leonard Hickin
Thomas Clarke of Chesham Bois
Book Reviews

Vol 84/3

Gervase E Duffield
Gervase E Duffield (and others)
Your Church Magazine
E R Wickham
Mission, Bishops and the Size of Dioceses
Geoffrey W Bromiley
Christian Initiation: The Reformation Period
Alan M Stibbs
Family Life: Bible Principles
Gordon J Wenham
Trends in Pentateuchal Criticism since 1950
S Y Blanch
A Commentary Revised
Book Reviews

Vol 84/4

Gervase E Duffield
R J Coates
The Irish Troubles
Edward R Hardy
The Priestess in the Greco-Roman World
G J C Marchant
Christian Ethics in Current Debate
Alan M Stibbs
Family Life: in Britain Today
Alan M Stibbs
Family Life: a Primary Sphere of Christian Establishment and Expansion
Gordon J Wenham
The Inspiration of Scripture - A Received Tradition?
Book Reviews

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