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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 068 (1954)

Articles in the Churchman, 1954

Vol 068/1

J C Pollock
Carl Henry
The Theology of Billy Graham
Provost of Nairobi
The Impact of Mau Mau on the Church in Kenya
The Bishop of Worcester
The Grace of God
C W J Bowles
Worship in Spirit and in Truth
J S Reynolds
On Writing the History of the Evangelical Revival
F D Coggan
Christ’s Ministry to the Sick
Book Reviews

Vol 068/2

J C Pollock
Editorial - The Ecumenical Hope
Theology and Reunion
F D Coggan
Eschatology and Evanston
J R W Stott
Edited by G W Bromiley
The Incarnation and the Bible: A Symposium
M M Hennell
Henry Venn of Huddersfield
E L Allen
China’s Quest
Book Reviews

Vol 068/3

J C Pollock
J G Hunter
Lay Evangelism and Pastoral Work in a City Parish
T Dudley-Smith
Methods of Approach at a Mission Boys’ Club
Bishop of Chelmsford
Priesthood and Sacrifice
F J Taylor
Some Theological Issues in the Church of South India
J Stafford Wright
Fragmentary Truths
G C B Davies
Nicholas Ridley
Book Reviews

Vol 068/4

J C Pollock
C S Milford
The Church of South India - The Decision to be Made
R E Higginson
The Biblical Doctrine of the Church
E C Dewick
Nonconformity and Reunion
C F D Moule
Understanding St John
J R Bridger
The Public School Chaplain’s Job
A R Fountain
Priesthood and Sacrifice - A Reply
Book Reviews

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