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The Global Anglican is Church Society's quarterly theological journal, established in 1879 as The Churchman.

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Churchman Vol 056 (1942)

Articles in the Churchman, 1942

Vol 056/1

H Ehrenberg
The Confessional Pastor and His Struggle
A W Parsons
The Jesuits
F H Durnford
The Life and Works of John Newton (I)
A B Johnston
On ‘‘Putting Our House in Order’‘
E Hirst
The Epistle of Truth (Part 4)
J W Augur
The Way and the Will to Believe
H L Ellison
Some Basic Causes of Antisemitism
Book Reviews

Vol 056/2

The Bishop of Norwich
Putting our House in Order
F H Durnford
The Life and Works of John Newton (II)
A W Parsons
The Jesuits (II)
M L Loane
The Garden Tomb
J W Augur
The Beginning of a New Reformation in the Roman Church
Ffrench B E
Words of Christ
Book Reviews

Vol 056/3

Bishop of Bradford
Grimshaw of Haworth - Bi-centenary
A W Parsons
The Jesuits (III)
F H Durnford
The Life and Works of John Newton (III)
G Farion
The Nazi Edda
A F Wallis
Evangelical Churchmanship as a Layman sees it
Book Reviews

Vol 056/4

J R S Taylor
Evangelism and the Church
J P Thornton-Duesbery
The Failure of Humanism
A Mitchell
What is the Evangel?  I. The Miracle of God’s Grace
Bishop of Rochester
What is the Evangel?  II. God’s Written Word
J H Linton
The Salvation of the Individual
Bishop of Chelmsford
The Regeneration of Society
M A Isherwood
Evangelical Unity as a Fruit of Evangelism
A W T Bishop Perowne
The Findings (Conference)

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