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Winter Crossway 2020

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 22 Dec 2020

The last issue of Crossway in 2020 is now on its way to members and subscribers.

The final edition of Crossway for 2020 reflects on a number of the big issues which we’ve faced as a church and in wider society this year. Jason Ward encourages us to keep sowing seed, even on stony ground during this time of pandemic. Kirsty Birkett offers an introduction to the Living in Love and Faith resources published last month, with some thoughts about how to respond effectively. Mark Burkill has practical wisdom for those considering whether ordination in the Church of England is still a viable option in good conscience.

There are the second parts of both Paul Darlington’s article about the Lord’s Supper and Lee Gatiss’s article on the role of bishops. Both of these questions have taken on even greater significance in the life of the church during 2020, as different instructions about the sacrament and church gatherings have been given by the House of Bishops, not always to universal agreement. We’re also delighted to include a hymn about the sacraments from Christopher Idle and commend it for your use.

Finally, there’s a brief note in follow-up to the last Crossway, addressing the question of immigration in the Bible and the right application of Acts 17:26-27. As we look ahead to the end of 2020 and the moment when Brexit will begin to take effect, this issue is especially pertinent.

We hope that readers will find much food for thought in this issue. Please consider passing on your copy to others who might be interested, or even giving them a subscription as an excellent last-minute Christmas gift! You can also purchase individual copies of any previous issues to give out at church.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Editor of Crossway

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