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Winter Crossway

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 20 Dec 2018

The latest edition of Crossway is now on its way to Church Society members and subscribers. Copies can also be purchased individually.

In this new edition of Crossway, various members of the Church Society council examine different aspects of what it means to contend for the faith in the Church of England today.

Lee Gatiss sets the agenda with his article on contending together for the faith. Rob Munro writes about the challenge and joy of gospel partnering in private prayer, following the example set by Paul in Philippians 1. Robin Weekes discusses the value of local and regional partnerships, while Mark Burkill shows the importance of engaging with national and international organisations. Andrew Towner reminds us that political engagement is the responsibility of all Christians, and gives some helpful suggestions of what that might look like, and how to do it in a manner worthy of the gospel. Dick Farr looks at the importance of succession planning in churches and the challenges for patrons in Church of England parishes. Finally, I take a look at Church Society’s publishing and resourcing ministry to see how it can help us be better equipped for the task.

“Contending for the faith is not the sole responsibility of the Director, or of Church Society. It is the responsibility of all believers, and it is our goal to equip and encourage every one of our members to contend with greater understanding and greater urgency.”

We hope that this edition of Crossway will inspire and encourage you to contend for the faith in your particular situation in 2019, whatever that might entail. Please consider passing on your copy - after you’ve read it! - to someone else, to encourage them in the same way. Or why not get a pile of copies to give out to people in your church?

Members of Church Society receive Crossway as part of their membership. If you’re not a member, you can subscribe to Crossway here. Or purchase individual copies here. Back issues articles list can be viewed here.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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