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Posted by Ros Clarke, 31 Dec 2019

The latest edition of Churchman is now on its way to subscribers.

We’re delighted to have the latest edition of Churchman now published and on its way to subscribers.

In his editorial, Peter Jensen reflects on God’s law and its place in the life of the Christian. We are not simply to obey the law, but even to love it.

‘It is all very well to quote William Penn: “The key to good government is good men.” He is right, but the testimony of the law of God is that we are not good. And the constant multiplication of laws by governments struggling to create social change, stem corruption and guard its citizens against each other, will only work to a limited extent, and then only if the laws are both just and well drafted. God has given us his law, founded in his grace and mercy, a law we keep, not because thereby we impress others, but because of our faith in him. Such faith, sure in its knowledge that we are loved by God himself, will use the wisdom of the law to help us to love others. For that is what we want to do.’

Frankie Melton continues his look at the preaching of George Whitefield with a consideration of the role of the Holy Spirit. While Whitefield was acclaimed as a powerful extempore preacher, Melton asks whether this led him to be negligent in the careful preparation of his sermons. Next, there is a fascinating examination of UK mission agencies in 2019, from Edwin Arthur, providing an overview of their current work and some predictions as to how this may develop in the future. Finally, Kirsten Birkett considers the rise of ‘spirital formation’, asking where this term has come from and what it signifies.

The volume concludes, as usual, with a wide selection of books reviewed by our team of contributors.


Ros Clarke is Acting Director of Church Society and a member of the Churchman Editorial Board

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