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Cover of The Global Anglican

The Global Anglican 134/4 Winter 2020

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 17 Dec 2020

The latest issue of The Global Anglican is now on its way to subscribers.

In the last issue of The Global Anglican in 2020, editor Peter Jensen writes about True Forgiveness, a much talked-about but little-understood subject of critical importance to the gospel.

There are two articles on the subject of baptism. First, from Peter Nyende, “Prepared to Believe: The Evangelism of Preschoolers and Infant Baptism in African Anglican Churches” and second from Lee Gatiss on “The Anglican Doctrine of Infant Baptism”.

Stephen Noll considers the ecclesiology of an important figure in the Australian Anglican church in “Canonicity, Catholicity, Apostolicity: Archbishop Donald Robinson on the Church.”

We also have two review articles in this issue. Colin Reed reviews Bishop Mwita Akiri’s “Christianity in Central Tanzania: A Story of African Encounters and Initiatives in Ugogo and Ukaguru, 1876–1933”
from the perspective of one who spent many years working and teaching in Tanzania. And Mark Thompson critically reviews the Anglican Communion document “What Do Anglicans Believe?” published earlier this year. Mark’s review can be downloaded here

As always there are several pages of book reviews on a wide range of subjects.

This issue includes the index for Volume 134 of The Global Anglican (formerly Churchman).

This is a good time of year to begin subscribing to The Global Anglican! Clergy should be able to claim a subscription to the journal on regular expenses, or you might wish to put it on your Christmas gift lift for an easy last-minute present! Subscriptions begin at £19/year for students based in the UK. There are different rates for overseas subscribers, and discounts for Church Society members.

You can also purchase single copies of any issue of The Global Anglican or Churchman.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Assistant Editor of The Global Anglican

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