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The Global Anglican

The Global Anglican

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 1 Sep 2020

The Global Anglican is the new name for Church Society's quarterly theological journal.

We are thrilled to announce the new name and the new vision for Church Society’s theological journal:

Global Anglican cover

The Global Anglican is a theological journal committed to publishing international scholarship that speaks to the pastoral needs of the contemporary church. The journal will continue in the long tradition of The Churchman, as it was known when it was established in 1879, and more recently as Churchman.

Download the launch issue here

The launch issue of The Global Anglican demonstrates the journal’s commitment to increasing the range of global voices and global themes within its pages:
• Foreman Nedison, Bishop of Jalingo (Nigeria), describes the role of missionary bishops in growing the church in Nigeria.
• Samson M. Mwaluda, former Bishop of Taita Taveta (Kenya, 1993–2016), writes about equipping bishops for ministry around the world.
• Mark D. Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, offers a plea for principled theological education.
• Other contributors include bishops from Uganda and Chile, as well as scholars, ministers, students and others from the UK and elsewhere.

This global vision reflects the reality of worldwide Anglicanism in 2020, as Andrew Atherstone explains in his introduction to the journal:

Today there are 41 provinces in the Anglican Communion, with the recent inaugurations of the Episcopal Church of Sudan in 2017, Iglesia Anglicana de Chile in 2018, and Alexandria in 2020. This global trend continues to gather pace. Meanwhile, many vibrant new expressions of Anglicanism have begun to flourish outside the structures of the old Communion. It is no longer sufficient to be a merely parochial, or even provincial, Anglican. Anglicanism is a truly global movement. In keeping with these new realities, our new name is not just The Anglican, but The Global Anglican.

Download your free copy of the launch issue here.

Subscribe to The Global Anglican.

The re-named journal is being launched today at an international online event on our Facebook page, featuring two of the journal’s growing team of global consultants, Bishop Alfred Olwa (Lango Diocese, Uganda) and Bishop Samuel Morrison (Valparaíso Diocese, Chile), as well as the editor, Peter Jensen, former Archbishop of Sydney, who commented:

Some things in this world should be much better known, and this journal, freshly named The Global Anglican, is one of them. It will continue the tradition of supporting gospel ministry by providing serious articles on academic and pastoral matters, as well as introductions and critical reviews of important books. But now, as the new name tells us, it will be far more deliberate in serving the global fellowship. It will be a bridge between seminary and preacher, refreshing the mind and heart of those who teach and those who learn the word of God. May the Lord bless this enterprise!

To celebrate the global vision for the journal and to encourage upcoming writers, The Global Anglican Essay Prize has been announced. This competition is open to authors from anywhere in the world, who are invited to submit articles from any theological discipline and on any subject, in accordance with the aims of the journal. The winning entry will be published in The Global Anglican and the winner will also receive £250, a year’s subscription to the journal, and a selection of books from Church Society.

The Churchman archive is now available digitally through the premier AtlaSerials® (Atlas®) database, with discounted rates available for Majority World subscribers. The Global Anglican will continue to be catalogued by Atla (formerly the American Theological Libraries Association), and full-text articles will be available there two years after print publication.

Please pray with us that The Global Anglican will be used by the Lord to serve his church around the world, for many generations to come.

Download the launch issue here

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Assistant Editor of The Global Anglican

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