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The Blessed Life

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 19 Feb 2020

This year's Lent devotional series features an international line up of Anglican ministers, theologians, writers and evangelists.

Join us every weekday during Lent as we consider what it means to live a blessed life. Beginning with Jesus’s teaching in the Beatitudes, then moving on to consider the nine fruit of the Spirit and the seven deadly sins, we’ll end by looking at the blessed one himself, with Jesus’s words from the cross. Each day’s post will include a relevant Bible passage, with a reflection to read, questions to consider, and a collect to pray. Contributors include Ben Kwashi, Foley Beach, Emma Scrivener, Henry Scriven, Kanishka Raffel, Cristóbal Cerón, Helen Thorne, Lee McMunn and many more.

As always, you’ll be able to follow along with all the posts here, but this year you will also be able to access them via Prayermate. You’ll find it listed under ‘Lent devotionals’ or use the QR code to sign up to it directly.

Introduction — Lee Gatiss

The Beatitudes
1. Poor in Spirit (Matthew 5:1-3) — Andrew Towner
2. Comforted Mourners (Matthew 5:4) — Emmanuel Mbennah
3. Meek Heirs (Matthew 5:5) — Ros Clarke
4. Righteous Appetites (Matthew 5:6) — James Cary
5. Merciful Mercy (Matthew 5:7) — Claire Smith
6. Pure Vision (Matthew 5:8) — George Crowder
7. Peacemaking Children (Matthew 5:9) — David Luckman
8. Blessed Persecuted (Matthew 5:10) — Ben Kwashi
9. Slandered Rewarded (Matthew 5:11-12) —Anne Kennedy

The Fruit of the Spirit
10. Love — Julian Dobbs
11. Joy — Katy Smith
12. Peace — Paul Harrington
13. Patience —Lee Gatiss
14. Kindness — Kanishka Raffel
15. Goodness — Cassie Watson
16. Faithfulness — John Mason
17. Gentleness — Danielle Treweek
18. Self-control — Phumezo Masango

The Seven Deadly Sins
19. Pride — Lee McMunn
20. Greed — Brian Rosner
21. Lust — Helen Thorne
22. Envy — Katharine Swartz
23. Gluttony — Mark Wallace
24. Wrath — Dave Clancey
25. Sloth — Fiona Gibson

Jesus’s Words from the Cross
26. Father Forgive Them (Luke 23:34) — Henry Scriven
27. With Jesus In Paradise (Luke 23:43) — Phil Chadder
28. Behold Your Son (John 19:26-27) — Foley Beach
29. The Forsaken Son (Matthew 27:46) — Mark Smith
30. The Thirsty Saviour (John 19:28) — Cristóbal Cerón
31. It Is Finished (John 19:30) —  Tim Wambunya
32. In The Father’s Hands (Luke 23:46) — Emma Scrivener

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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