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Summer Sermon Series

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 23 Jun 2020

Church Society are offering a series of nine video sermons for use over the summer.

We’re delighted to be offering this Summer Sermon Series for 2020 featuring Lee Gatiss, Rod Thomas, Wallace Benn, George Crowder and Mark Wallace. Nine sermons on video are available to download here, for use in your church services this summer. The files can be edited into your church services for Facebook, YouTube or Zoom, or if you prefer, you could upload them to your church’s website, Youtube or Facebook page as they stand. Please do not cut, edit or add anything to the sermon videos. Each sermon is 12-15 minutes long.

The sermons follow the lectionary readings for July and August, from Matthew 11-16, but they are intended to be suitable as stand alone sermons. You could choose to use one or two of them to fill a gap in the preaching rota, allowing exhausted clergy a couple of much-needed weeks off. Or you could choose to use the whole series, perhaps supplementing the videos with some questions for small groups and individuals to reflect on and discuss.

The summer sermon videos and service sheets can be downloaded here. The sermons are also available here in audio.

Simple, editable service sheets are also available, including links to suggested hymns, are now available to accompany some of the July sermons. Word documents are included at the dropbox link above. Services for August will be coming soon!

July 12th
The Parable of the Sower: Matthew 13:1-23, Lee Gatiss
Suggested hymns: Creator God, Tell out, my soul

July 19th
The Parable of the Weeds: Matthew 13: 24-43, Rod Thomas
Suggested hymns: Praise my soul, the king of heaven, Holy Spirit, living breath of God

July 26th
Parables of the Kingdom: Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52, Rod Thomas
Suggested hymns: The kingdom of God is justice and joy, Let your kingdom come

August 2nd
Love and Power: Matthew 14:13-21, George Crowder
Suggested hymns: The Lord’s My Shepherd, Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us

August 9th
Fear and Doubt: Matthew 14:22-36, George Crowder
Suggested hymns: How Deep The Father’s Love, How Marvellous, How Wonderful

August 16th
Never Despair: Matthew 15:21-28, Mark Wallace
Suggested hymns: Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Jesus is Lord, the Cry That Echoes

August 23rd
Peter’s Confession: Matthew 16:13-20, Wallace Benn
Suggested hymns: Come People of the Risen King, Jesus is King

August 30th
The Cost for Jesus: Matthew 16:21-28, Wallace Benn
Suggested hymns: Christ Alone, Cornerstone, Go Forth And Tell

We’d love to hear how you use the sermons and other creative ideas for churches this summer. Please let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us @churchsociety.

Many thanks to our preachers, and to Martyn Saunders for doing the work of extracting and uploading the audio, and generously sharing the files.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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