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Review: Shielded by Grace

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 30 Apr 2021

Ros Clarke reviews this podcast on Christian friendship.

Christian friendship is a great blessing, isn’t it? Having someone you know and trust to talk to about life, work, family and faith is such an encouragement through hard times and a delight in happy times. Christian friends Anna and Charley let us eavesdrop on some of their conversations in their Shielded by Grace podcast. Anna Putt is married to a minister and a mother of young children, while Charley Maidment is a single woman who is a teacher.

They bring their different perspectives to issues such as lockdown life, how we change, and even friendship itself. As they note, Christian friendships can cross generations and don’t depend on shared interests or circumstances. Whether or not you are in a similar stage of life to Anna or Charley, you’ll find them good companions in the faith, as you listen in to their podcasts.

Where to start
I loved the discussion on friendship, especially what that looks like for a single person when most of your friends are married and having children. Anna and Charley discuss the pressures on friendship, making new friends, building friendships in non-technological ways, and make recommendations of books about friendship.
If you listen to this or any other podcasts you enjoy, it’s such a help to the podcasters when people take the time to leave a rating or even a review. Word of mouth is also crucial in helping podcasts to be more widely known, so please consider sharing links to podcasts or specific episodes with friends from your church, or on your social media.

Shielded by Grace is on iTunes, Spotify and all good podcast apps.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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