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Reformation resources

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 6 Oct 2017

In this Reformation anniversary year, there are a plethora of online resources to help people understand what happened and why it matters.

It cannot have escaped your attention that this month the Protestant churches are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the actions which began the movement we now know as the Reformation. Martin Luther may not actually have nailed his 95 theses to the door in Wittenberg, but whatever he did, God used to bring about an extraordinary revolution. Many people in our churches have only the haziest idea about what happened or why it matters, and this is the ideal time to help them understand more.

Here’s a round-up some of the best free online resources to help you do that. Next week we’ll have a post about some of the best books and other offline resources.

Church Society Resources
Reformation magazine: free pdf version with articles from Dr Andrea Ruddick and Dr Kirsty Birkett. Please email ( if you’d like permission to reproduce excerpts from this in your church magazine or if you would like to purchase print copies.

Reformation 500: free teaching materials for Sunday schools, youth groups, school assemblies, light parties and more!

Reformation Song: free music and lyrics for this hymn written to celebrate the Five Solas of the Reformation.

The Reformation in 60 seconds by Lee Gatiss.
Playmobil Luther: Beautifully animated and narrated account of the Reformation and the gospel.
The Protestant Reformation in a Nutshell: text based video, focussing on justification by faith alone.
Luther: A clip from the film starring Joseph Fiennes with helpful context given at the end.
Reformation Polka: A classic, but still fun!
Martin Luther: Great Translators of the Bible: also explains the 95 theses and Luther’s contribution to the Reformation, as well as the huge influence of his Bible translation.
Keller, Piper and Carson on why the Reformation matters today

How the Reformation shapes mission today, Crosslinks magazine, including articles by Mike Reeves and Lee Gatiss.
Why did Luther nail his theses to the Wittenberg door?, interview with Carl Trueman and introduction to 16th century Wittenberg.
Three Lessons I’ve Learned from the Reformation, Harry Reeder.






Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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