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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 26 Oct 2017

Lee Gatiss points out some of the many Reformation-themed programmes currently available to watch or listen to on demand.

Currently available on BBC iPlayer (only to UK viewers):

David Starkey on Reformation: Europe’s Holy War
Reformation (a two part historical drama, in German, with subtitles)
Janina Ramirez on Three Books that Changed a Nation (Tyndale, Cranmer, and Foxe)
Lucy Worsley: Elizabeth I’s battle for God’s music
Jonathan Foyle on Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer?
Melvin Bragg on The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England (William Tyndale)

BBC radio programmes are available to listeners worldwide.
Breaking Free - Martin Luther’s Reformation: two episodes of Radio 3’s Sunday feature, including a ‘musical tour of the Reformation’.
The Diet of Worms: an episode of In Our Time.
The Book of Common Prayer: an episode of In Our Time
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs: an episode of In Our Time

And finally, an addendum to our round up of online Reformation resources, Speak Life are producing a series of films about the five Solas. So far, you can watch:
All you need: Christ
All you need: grace
All you need: faith

Lee Gatiss is Director of Church Society

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