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Reach, Build, Send: this year’s Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 29 Feb 2016

Details of this year's JAEC, which will focus on a pattern for Anglican ministry in the local church.

We are now taking books for this year’s Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference. The brochure and booking form can be downloaded from here.

Our theme this year is “Reach, Build, Send: a pattern for Anglican ministry.” How can we reach the lost in our parishes, build up disciples through the ministry of the local church, and send people out into the harvest fields of the workplace, the family, the churches, and the world?

Who are our main speakers this year? Bishop Paul Williams (+Southwell and Nottingham) and Bishop Rod Thomas (+Maidstone) will expound the scriptures for us. Well-known evangelist (and ordained Anglican!), Glen Scrivener will give us a vision for evangelism through the local Anglican parish church. Mark Burkill, the vicar of Christ Church, Leyton will help us think through a pattern for discipleship and biblical teaching. And Paul Williams, Vicar of Christ Church, Fulwood (and no relation to the other one!) will talk to us about how a local parish church can thrust labourers into the harvest home and abroad. Kirsty Birkett from Oak Hill in London will also address the conference on developing resilience for long-term ministry, and not giving up when the going gets tough.

As always there will be a range of seminar/workshops too, this year featuring Peter Ould, Melanie Lacy, Lindsay Benn, Phil Moon, and Mark Burkill on sexuality debates, leading better assemblies and children’s work, being married to the ministry, the selection process for Anglican vocations, and building ministry teams in a local church.

So if you or your spouse are not yet a ‘senior minister’ already, please do join us for JAEC this year! It is excellent value for money for a 3 day residential conference. But there are also discounts for husband/wife joint bookings and for non-ordained members of Church Society, a good deal for day visitors, and some full bursaries for those under 30 who are considering ordination at some point in the future.

To find out more, download the brochure and booking form now.

Lee Gatiss is the Director of Church Society and Chairman of the JAEC Committee (Dub Gannon, James Taylor, Mark Pickles, and Simon Vibert).

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