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Reach Build Send: A Pattern for Anglican Ministry

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 2 Dec 2019

The latest book from Church Society focusses on establishing a pattern for long-term gospel ministry in the Church of England.

What is gospel ministry all about? How can we maintain it for the long term? In this book, a group of evangelists, bishops, pastors, and theologians try to unpack what the Bible says about a sustainable pattern of ministry, with particular application to Anglican churches today. United in their conviction that God’s Spirit works through his word, they look both theologically and practically at how to reach out with the gospel, build up the church, and send out gospel workers for the next generation—without losing momentum.

The book begins with a look at Paul’s teaching in the Pastoral Epistles about suffering for the gospel and passing it on by Lee Gatiss. Bishop Rod Thomas then unpacks the Great Commission of Matthew 28, to go into all nations and make disciples of Jesus. Bishop Paul G. Williams looks at how Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, himself did that and urged others to continue his work in his farewell speech to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20.

In the three central chapters, Glen Scrivener, Mark Burkill, and Paul A. Williams set out the pattern for Anglican ministry which gives the book its title: Reach, Build, Send. Evangelist Glen Scrivener says that if we want to know what the next big move of God is in evangelism, we should look no further than the church: the church itself is God’s evangelistic strategy to reach out to a lost world. Mark Burkill brings his many years of pastoral experience in East London to bear in a theological and practical look at how to unleash God’s word in the church, to build it up. Paul Williams, pastor of a church in Sheffield, discusses how vital it is for churches not to neglect sending out gospel workers beyond their own parishes because, unless we intentionally put this on our to do list, we have failed to fulfil our ministry responsibilities.

Lee Gatiss takes a look at how Paul’s concept of every member ministry in Ephesians 4 prevents us developing an unhelpful and unsustainable clergy-focused strategy for church life, and how a gracious and godly approach is needed to counteract our intuitive pragmatism. Finally, drawing on her research into resilience training in many fields, Kirsty Birkett considers how we can keep going for the long haul, when life and ministry throw up many obstacles and difficulties.

We hope that having these clear and bold statements of contemporary ministry thinking and practice in the form of this book will help to inspire and motivate a new generation of men and women who will reach out with the gospel, build up the church, and send out workers into God’s harvest field for the future, for the glory of God and the good of his world.

“...a power-packed little book which has been of real benefit to me, and will bless the church where I serve.” Andrew Towner, Carlisle

You can buy paper copies of Reach Build Send here or a digital version for Kindle here.

Ros Clarke is Acting Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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