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Gerald Bray Essay Prize Winners

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 13 Jan 2020

The winner of the Gerald Bray Essay Prize is announced.

We were pleased to receive a substantial number of entries for the Gerald Bray Essay Prize, demonstrating a high standard of scholarship and engaging with a wide range of subjects. Gerald commented on the shortlisted entries that “Overall the quality is very high. I am impressed and honoured to think that so many people, from very different backgrounds, have taken the trouble to produce such outstanding work.”

The winner of the £300 prize, whose entry is due to be published in the next issue of Churchman, is Paul Young, with his essay, “The Role of Works in Final Judgment Using Calvin’s Aristotelian Framework with Special Reference to Romans 6:19-23” of which Gerald says that, “Young tackles a little known subject with great erudition and thoroughness.”

Paul Young studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia and is now a pastor at Providence City Church in Perth, Australia.
Picture of Paul Young

He also commended two other entries, whose authors will both receive a copy of Gerald’s book, God is Love: Jonathan D. Torrance’s “‘Experience Alone Makes the Theologian’: A constructive retrieval of Luther’s theology of experience” and Rich Duncan’s critical evaluation of the Socinian movement, with particular reference to the polemical engagement of John Owen.

These essays will also appear in Churchman in due course and we hope to publish a number of the other entries as well. It has been very encouraging to see that the state of evangelical Anglican scholarship is so healthy, with so many new scholars emerging. The next essay prize is scheduled for autumn 2021, but of course, articles may be submitted to Churchman at any time. Please see the guidelines linked on this page.

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Ros Clarke is Acting Director of Church Society and a member of the Churchman Editorial Board

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