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Flourish: a strategy for growth in the Church of England

Flourish: Church Society Conference and AGM

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 14 Feb 2018

This year's Church Society Conference, "Flourish: a strategy for growth in the Church of England" and the Church Society AGM will be held on Saturday 12th May at Oak Hill College. The St Antholin lecture will follow the conference.

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Bookings are now open for this year’s Church Society Conference. The conference will be held at Oak Hill College on Saturday 12th May, from 10am to 4pm, with the programme for the day as follows:

10.00am Lee Gatiss: Flourishing in a Hostile World
The persecution faced by the early church did not prevent it from flourishing and growing. How can we learn from our brothers and sisters who faced such opposition to the gospel?

11.15am    Church Society AGM
Attendance at the Church Society AGM is open to all, though only Ordinary Members of the Society are eligible to speak or to vote at this meeting.

1.30pm    Rod Thomas: Flourishing in the Church of England Today
How can conservative evangelicals flourish in an increasingly hostile denomination?

2.30pm    Panel discussion: Flourishing in the Parish
Ros Clarke will chair this discussion between Rod Thomas, Lee Gatiss, Paul Darlington and Martin Young about the opportunities and challenges for flourishing in the parish. There will be chance to ask questions of the panel.

The conference will end at 4pm. All are welcome to stay for the St Antholin lecture, and afternoon tea will be provided courtesy of the St Antholin’s Trustees for those who choose to do so.

5.00pm St Antholin’s Lecture
Donald John Maclean: “Ours is a true church of God”: William Perkins and the Reformed Doctrine of the Church. 
This lecture will explore the doctrine of the church found in the writings of the great Elizabethan theologian William Perkins. Particular focus will be given to Perkins’ understanding of the “marks” of the church and its application.

Booking forms for the conference can be downloaded here.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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