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Fighting Valiantly

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Posted by Mark Wallace, 30 May 2019

One of Church Society's new Regional Directors, the Revd Mark Wallace, ministers in the Colchester Deanery where there has been concerning news about transgender teaching in a Church of England school.

Fighting valiantly against sin, the world, and the devil will take many forms.

News has broken recently of a courageous stance being taken by the Revd John Parker, the Rector of Fordham & Eight Ash Green in Essex, over trans ideology concerns at the primary school for which he was a governor. Further details of the story are available via Christian Concern’s website.

Particular concern has been raised about the role of the Diocesan Board of Education, and how much they knew about the content of the teaching by the Mermaids charity. The story also highlights weaknesses in the Church of England’s report, Valuing All God’s Children, about which John Percival has written on behalf of Church Society.

We are grateful for John’s courageous stance, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with him in these concerns about the dangers of this ideology. These are spiritual battles, so please pray for the school staff, pupils, parents and governors; for the PCC and congregation at Fordham, especially with their new Associate Minister, the Revd Francis Blight, due to be licensed soon; and of course for John and his family.

Revd Mark Wallace is vicar of the Colchester Town Centre churches and a Regional Director of Church Society

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