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Dying Well

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Posted by Ruth van den Broek, 7 Jun 2018

Ruth van den Broek offers her thoughts on John Wyatt's new book, "Dying Well".

This is it. This is the practical, wise, accessible, real, and encouraging book on dying I have wanted both for myself and for the church.

It’s been astonishing how many of the things I’ve been thinking about over the past years and have been trying to collate during my recent hospital stay are here (in particular, ars moriendi updated and the seven sayings specifically for the end of life). Though I suppose, given how God works, it shouldn’t really be that astonishing.

It’s been a delightful and challenging read. It’s confirmed a lot of my thoughts on the end of life and its challenges and opportunities. It’s helped me cement some of the practical details of my own end of life plans. It’s encouraged me with Gospel truths, the faith and joy of the personal stories and, at the same time, the permission to grieve and lament as is necessary. It’s also given me an excellent (to put it bluntly) kick up the backside with regards to my need to take up again the active practice of the art of letting go - I’ve been distracted and holding on far too tightly recently.

I think John has done a wonderful job and I’m extremely grateful to both him and IVP for allowing me to read an early draft of it. I have no doubt that this book will be of great use to individuals and to the church. I’m certainly going to give it to lots of people and hope to get my church book club to read it.

Book cover of Dying Well

Dying Well is now available for pre-order from IVP.

Ruth van den Broek is a Christian blogger ( who has cystic fibrosis.

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