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Church Society sermons

Posted 2 Oct 2020

Audio and video sermons for the autumn and winter 2020/21.

Over the summer, many churches used our audio and video sermon series in a variety of ways: in online services in physical gatherings, in midweek meetings, as occasional cover for gaps in the preaching rota, and on telephone recordings for those without internet access. We are pleased to say that we will be offering a number of sermons for the autumn and winter as listed below.

You are very welcome to use these sermons as you choose. Some are already available to download, and the rest will be added later this week. You can still download the summer sermons at the same link, if they would be useful to you.

The sermons follow the lectionary readings for the indicated weeks:
October 25th: Psalm 119:9-16
Nov 1st: Matthew 5:1-12
Dec 27th: Luke 2:15-21
Jan 3rd: John 1:1-18

There is also a talk suitable for use in a carol service on Luke 2:8-15.

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