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Church Society podcast: WALK THIS WAY

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 23 Jun 2020

Ash Carter, Ros Clarke and Lee Gatiss discuss WALK THIS WAY, the latest book from Church Society

This week’s podcast is taken from the livestreamed book launch on Facebook yesterday. Ash Carter, Ros Clarke and Lee Gatiss introduce each other, talk about the book, and take questions from the audience. Sadly, it’s too late to enter the giveaway now!

Listen to the audio version here or subscribe to it via your usual podcast provider.

Watch the video version here or subscribe to our YouTube channel directly.

Find out more about WALK THIS WAY here or go straight to the shop to order your copy here!

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions for future episodes. You can comment on the YouTube video or email Ros.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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