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Church Society Podcast: Lee Miserables

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 17 Dec 2018

Ros Clarke catches up with the Director of Church Society, Lee Gatiss to hear about what's been happening in 2018 and what he's looking forward to in 2019.

Charles Spurgeon on Ephesians 5:

“But we may have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness by consenting to them, and conniving at them. For instance, you live in a house where there is a great deal of evil going on, and you yourself keep clear of it. So far so good; but you never protest against it, you have been altogether silent about it. “Mum,” has been the word with you; and, sometimes, when they come home from a place of ill resort, and they tell you about the “fun” they have had, you laugh with the rest, or if you do not laugh, at any rate you have not decidedly expressed your disapproval.

You do disapprove of the evil; in secret, you even pray against it; but nobody knows that it is so, the wrongdoers especially are not aware that it is so; in fact, they fancy that, as they treat leniently your pursuit of religion, though they think it cant, so you treat leniently their pursuit of sin, though in your heart of hearts you believe that pursuit to be evil. Our Lord commands us to clear ourselves of all conniving at sin—not with harshness, not with denunciation, and in an unkind spirit—but with a mild, gentle, but still powerful, honest rebuke. We must say, especially if we are parents, or masters, or persons having much influence with others, “Oh, do not this abominable thing! I cannot have any share in this evil, even by silently tolerating it. How I wish that you would give it up! I entreat you, came out of this Sodom; escape for your lives!” A few more loving home testimonies for God, and who can tell but that the husband may be converted, and the son may be led to the Savior? But for want of this personal witness bearing among Christians, I am afraid that the Church of God comes to be paralyzed, and much of her power and usefulness is taken from her. Do not let us connive or wink at sin in any case whatever.

Far be it from us also ever to have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness by commending or applauding sin, or seeming to agree with it.”

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Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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