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Church Society Podcast: Christmas Gift Guide

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 4 Dec 2017

Ros Clarke and Amanda Robbie discuss books to give, books for children, and books to put on your own wish list.

Books we talked about:

Rescuing Christmas by Carl Laferton
Are You Ready for Christmas? by Roger Carswell
The Greatest Gift by Paul Williams

The Characters of Christmas (board book, story book, colouring book) by Ruth Hearson
The Littlest Watchman (book, advent calendar and family devotions) by Scott James and Geraldine Rodriguez
If I Were In Charge of Christmas by Helen Buckley

Everyone a Child Should Know (book, memory cards) by Clare Heath-Whyte
God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell

Spiritual Healthcheck by Carl Laferton
Explore by the Book (various)
Explore by the Book with the Reformers by Lee Gatiss
Tumbling Sky (book, CD) by Matt Searles

ESV Illuminated Bible Art Journalling Edition
Bible Project Read Scripture

Next month we’ll be talking about Emma Scrivener’s book A New Day. We’d love to hear your thoughts about that, or about the books you’re giving or hoping to get this Christmas. Tweet us @churchsociety or comment on the Facebook page.

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Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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