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Best of 2019: Audio

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 27 Dec 2019

Ros Clarke rounds up the best of our audio-visual content from 2019.

Over the last few years, at Church Society we have been actively increasing our media output. This year saw the completion of Lee on the Lectionary, Lee Gatiss’s weekly video exposition of the lectionary readings. These videos are now being published on our YouTube channel, though of course they are still available to view here and on the Facebook page. We also published a series of daily videos during Lent, to accompany the written posts here on the blog. The Fight Valiantly! play list can be found here.

Audio remains central to our media output, with the rise of podcasts and the convenience of listening on the go. We paused our weekly podcast in September (don’t worry, it will be returning in 2020!) but we’ve been able to draw on a lot of other great content from conferences, from the Reform archives, and from elsewhere, in order to offer a varied Media Monday line up over the last few months.

Our top three podcast episodes were:
Episode 76: Confronting Christianity - Ros talks to Rebecca McLaughlin about evangelism, apologetics and her book.
Episode 73: Evangelism Four Ways - excerpts from George Crowder’s seminar at the FWS conference
Episode 60: Long Story Short - a review of Glen Scrivener’s book.
You can see the whole podcast archive here (and by clicking the headphone icon in the menu above).

Other audio
Some of our most popular audio content this year came from the JAEC conference in the summer, along with some highlights from elsewhere. The top five most listened to items were:
Preparing for 2020: John Dunnett
Defining Anglicanism: Andrew Towner
Uniting the Evangelical Tribes: Fiona Gibson and Mark Wallace
Sex and the People of God: Iain Baker
The Great Plan/Christian Faith and Other Faiths: Jim Packer

Ros Clarke is Acting Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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